Statement by Margie Hunter on lawsuit settlement
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Statement by Margie Hunter

August 10, 2000

I'm glad this is over. This has never been about money -- but about finding justice for my son. And today, after 5 years of bitter struggle I feel that some measure of justice has been achieved.

I wish to thank my attorneys Rick Silber, Mark Fiedler, and Marc Zweben who have worked so hard and for so long to make this happen.

I also wish to thank Mayor Anthony Williams for his strong stance against the kind of treatment my son received at the hands of city employees.

But I remain troubled that the doctor who was found by the jury to have caused my son's death still practices medicine at D.C. General, our city's only public hospital. And I am also saddened that the firefighter who the jury determined withdrew medical care from my son was recently promoted to sergeant.

I am very pleased that in the future, all fire department employees will undergo diversity training in my son's name. This courageous step by Mayor Williams insures that my son's memory will live on and hopefully will shield other DC residents from this kind of discrimination.

I hope that this case teaches that we are all God's children, made in his image and entitled to respect.

Thank you.