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  • MPD General Order: Handling Interactions with Transgender Individuals 10/16/07
  • GLAA on transgender rights
  • DC Trans Coalition
  • Transgender Health Empowerment
  • National Center for Transgender Equality
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force on Transgender Issues
  • Transgender Education Association, Inc.
  • Transsexual Symposium
  • Different Avenues
  • Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive
  • D.C. Prisoners' Project
  • Basic Rights Montgomery
  • Equality Maryland
  • DC Office of Human Rights
  • GLAA's 2014 policy brief, "Building on Victory"

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  • GLAA urges passage of Death Certificate Gender Identity Recognition Amendment Act 12/09/15
  • November 13: Release of 2015 DCTC Trans Needs Assessment Report, Wilson 120, 1 pm 11/09/15
  • OHR sting reveals extensive anti-trans employment discrimination in D.C. 11/04/15


  • GLAA testifies for repeal of Prostitution Free Zones 07/09/14
  • Daniels presents Distinguished Service Award to Alison Gill 04/30/14
  • GLAA repeats call to repeal Prostitution Free Zones 04/03/14
  • LGBT community responds to Hate Crimes Assessment Task Force Report 03/13/14


  • GLAA praises passage of birth certificate, marriage officiant bills 07/10/13
  • GLAA supports birth certificate bill with changes 05/16/13


  • GLAA supports Human Rights for Ex-Offenders Amendment Act 10/15/12
  • GLAA endorses Budd, Beninda, other nominees to Human Rights Commission 05/23/12
  • DC Trans Coalition opposes PFZ Legislation 01/24/12
  • D.C. Attorney General's office raises constitutional concerns on PFZ bill 01/24/12
  • ACLU opposes Prostitution Free Zone Amendment Act 01/24/12
  • GLAA opposes Prostitution Free Zone Amendment Act 01/24/12


  • Gray administration launches pilot program for transgender employment 09/20/11
  • Mayor Gray charts steps to overcome anti-transgender employment barriers 08/09/11
  • GLAA on transgender rights 06/04/11
  • Hughes calls for funds to end transgender employment discrimination 02/18/11


  • Bias Crimes Report Updated with Gender Identity/Expression 03/10/10


  • DCTC slams Maryland MVA policy change 12/18/09
  • DCTC writes Lanier on status of police policies 12/18/09
  • D.C. 2009 Transgender Day of Remembrance 11/19/09
  • Vigil against anti-trans violence 08/28/09
  • GLAA to Council: Please allocate resources to fight transgender discrimination and unemployment 05/01/09
  • Rosendall presents award to defenders of transgender rights 04/22/09
  • Graham raises questions on DOC trans policy 03/10/09
  • Transgender activists comment on proposed Corrections policy 01/15/09


  • GLAA Action Alert: Urge 'Yes' vote on Nickles disapproval 11/18 11/17/08
  • Judiciary Committee disapproves Nickles as Attorney General 11/17/08
  • GLAA makes case against Nickles as D.C. Attorney General 10/17/08
  • Dept. of Corrections denies complaint of anti-trans discrimination 10/03/08
  • Councilmembers’ Answers on Corrections Discrimination Against Transgenders 09/30/08
  • Washington Lawyers' Committee on transgender rulemaking 08/11/08
  • Cheh urges withdrawal of transgender rulemaking 08/07/08
  • PFLAG Metro DC opposes transgender rulemaking 08/07/08
  • Summersgill critiques transgender rulemaking 08/06/08
  • DC Trans Coalition strongly opposes proposed rulemaking 08/01/08
  • PFLAG National opposes proposed rulemaking 08/01/08
  • ACLU-NCA urges withdrawal of proposed rulemaking 08/01/08
  • Task Force refutes planned rollback of D.C. trans protections 07/31/08
  • Evans urges OHR to reconsider transgender rulemaking 07/29/08
  • HRC opposes rollback of D.C. transgender protections 07/28/08
  • Schwartz urges Fenty to withdraw transgender rulemaking 07/23/08
  • Hughes comments on proposed rulemaking on transgender protections 07/21/08
  • GLAA objects to proposed rollback of transgender protections 07/21/08


  • GLAA Celebrates House Passage of ENDA 11/07/07
  • Carpenter: Bush to veto ENDA? 10/23/07
  • GLAA Supports ENDA (H.R. 3685) and Baldwin Amendment 10/21/07
  • Barney Frank: 'sensible and real progress' 10/09/07
  • Lambda Legal Responds to Representative Barney Frank 10/04/07
  • Barney Frank on Lambda Legal's analysis 10/03/07
  • GLAA Action Alert: support transgender-inclusive ENDA 09/30/07
  • Rep. Barney Frank on ENDA (The Bilerico Project) 09/28/07
  • National LGBT Organizations Stand for Inclusive ENDA 09/27/07
  • GLAA Urges District to Settle with EEO Expert Wronged by FEMS 05/22/07
  • GLAA to Mayor: Please settle Kenda Kirby case 05/22/07
  • Court ruling in Kenda Kirby case 04/03/07


  • Regulations implementing transgender protections are final 11/13/06
  • GLAA raises First Amendment concerns on rulemaking for transgender protections 07/10/06
  • ACLU submits comments on rulemaking for transgender protections 07/10/06
  • ACLU writes to Attorney General Spagnoletti on rulemaking for transgender protections 07/10/06
  • GLAA raises transgender rights in testimony on Homeless Shelter bill 06/06/06
  • ACLU echoes GLAA's First Amendment concerns on draft rulemaking for transgender protections 05/11/06
  • GLAA raises First Amendment concerns on draft rulemaking for transgender protections 05/10/06
  • GLAA testifies on OHR, addresses transphobia at fire/police depts. 03/03/06


  • GLAA endorses transgender protections in Human Rights Act 10/17/05
  • Office of Human Rights endorses transgender protections 10/17/05


  • GLAA adopts Intersex resolution 03/11/02


  • Payment received in Hunter settlement 11/17/00
  • Xavier completes Washington Transgender Needs Assessment Survey 11/12/00
  • Mayor Williams Announces Anti-Discrimination Executive Order 10/03/00
  • Text of executive order on non-discrimination 08/21/00
  • GLAA to Corporation Counsel: Stop Undermining Human Rights Act 06/07/00
  • GLAA asks Mayor for Executive Order on commitment to Human Rights Law 03/17/00


  • Howell testifies on Office of Human Rights 03/04/98
  • GLAA describes efforts with Corporation Counsel 02/13/98
  • DC govt. withdraws First Amendment argument in Tyra Hunter case 02/06/98
  • Corp. Counsel withdraws assault on Human Rights Law 1/30/98


  • Coudriet details complaints against Office of Corporation Counsel 05/16/94

    News on Transgender Rights


  • D.C. officer accused of anti-trans assault (The Washington Blade) 12/09/10
  • Transgender Needs
    Local organization to conduct needs-assessment survey beginning in December
    (Metro Weekly) 11/25/10
  • FBI: Hate crime incidents, victim numbers down (The Associated Press) 11/22/10
  • Trans Remembrance
    Local organizations commemorate event with gathering at church
    (Metro Weekly) 11/10/10
  • Wrestling with the Truth
    The journey from "David" to "Donna" taught Donna Rose lessons about life that she's eager to share
    (Metro Weekly) 11/10/10
  • Beyer concedes Maryland primary race (The Washington Blade) 09/15/10
  • Dana Beyer Unsuccessful in Maryland Statehouse Bid (Metro Weekly) 09/14/10
  • Trans woman sexually assaulted near Dupont Circle (The Washington Blade) 08/20/10
  • D.C. LGBT Activists Push to Legalize Prostitution (Amanda Hess, Washington City Paper) 06/17/10
  • 2010 Capital Pride festival highlights (The Washington Post) 06/04/10
  • Whitman-Walker faces trans bias allegation (The Washington Blade) 06/04/10
  • Police in NW Pakistan stop transgender wedding (The Associated Press) 05/25/10
  • Top backers of gay/transgender nondiscrimination bill push for a vote (The Washington Post) 05/15/10
  • Transgender, gay workers' civil rights promoted in Employment Non-Discrimination Act bill (The Washington Post) 05/13/10
  • Judge: Transgender inmates have right to therapy (The Associated Press) 04/01/10
  • GLAAD protests transgender film (The Associated Press) 03/27/10
  • The 'sapeurs' of Congo have American cousins (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/11/10
  • In paying for sex changes, Cuba breaks from past (The Associated Press) 03/10/10
  • Tax court allows deduction for woman's sex change (The Associated Press) 02/02/10
  • Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio rebuked for anti-gay remarks (The Washington Post) 01/24/10
  • Cuba performing state-sponsored sex change surgery (The Associated Press) 01/19/10
  • Punching back on the punch line (DC Agenda) 01/06/10


  • Punch-Line Politics
    Riki Wilchins's "one trans show" takes her from serious to stand-up, but her mission stays the same
    (Metro Weekly) 12/10/09
  • D.C. police chief blasted at hate crimes hearing (DC Agenda) 11/24/09
  • D.C. gov’t official linked to trans bias complaint (DC Agenda) 11/24/09
  • Trans Awakening
    Earline Budd's journey has been difficult and dangerous -- and led her to bring compassion to her activism
    (Metro Weekly) 11/19/09
  • Open-House Anger
    LGBT community challenges MPD's plans for GLLU, for starters
    (Metro Weekly) 11/19/09
  • "Hollaback" Help
    Local pharmacy hosts transgender support group
    (Metro Weekly) 10/08/09
  • DNC governing body gets first trans member
    N.J. activist among committee’s six new LGBT nominees
    (The Washington Blade) 09/18/09
  • Vigil for slain trans woman draws 250
    Police working ‘non-stop’ to find killer in ‘possible’ hate crime
    (The Washington Blade) 09/04/09
  • Calling All Donors
    GLBT groups scrambling in wake of D.C. budget cuts
    (Metro Weekly) 09/03/09
  • Q Street Questions
    Community mourns, seeks answers, after trans woman killed
    (Metro Weekly) 09/03/09
  • Stabbings Probed as Possible Hate Crime
    One Victim Dies; Both Identified As Transgender
    (The Washington Post) 08/28/09
  • New impetus for bill banning anti-gay bias at work (The Associated Press) 08/27/09
  • Trans woman dead after double stabbing
    D.C. police unsure of motive, details
    (The Washington Blade) 08/26/09
  • Merkley introduces trans-inclusive ENDA in Senate
    Activity on DOMA, DP bills expected after August recess
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • Senate takes up hate crimes bill covering gays (The Associated Press) 07/15/09
  • Judge: Witnesses in hate crime trial threatened (The Associated Press) 07/15/09
  • NY to use hate crime law in transgender case (The Associated Press) 07/13/09
  • The Naked Truth
    J. Aiden Simon's transgender journey to manhood and happiness
    (Metro Weekly) 07/09/09
  • Chastity Bono announces sex change (Associated Press) 06/11/09
  • Ads pulled over radio hosts' transgender remarks (Associated Press) 06/05/09
  • Tenn. nixes marriage of transgender woman, man (Associated Press) 05/13/09
  • Activists, family hope good can come from Zapata’s death
    Case marks first time hate crimes law used in trans killing
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • Trans woman wins Library of Congress lawsuit
    Former Army Special Forces commander to receive nearly $500,000
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • Procter & Gamble bars trans discrimination
    Amends anti-discrimination policy to include gender identity and expression
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • House approves hate crimes bill
    Heated debate includes Rep. Foxx calling Shepard’s murder a ‘hoax’
    (The Washington Blade) 04/29/09
  • Colo. man convicted of murdering transgender woman (Associated Press) 04/22/09
  • Trans protections fail in Md. session’s final hours
    But gay activists don’t leave empty handed
    (The Washington Blade) 04/17/09
  • Tackling Transphobia
    Student effort underway for trans inclusion in nightlife
    (Metro Weekly) 04/16/09
  • Trial set to begin in slaying of transgender woman (Associated Press) 04/14/09
  • Gay donors propose omnibus rights bill
    Organizers of ‘new approach’ say activists too timid with Congress
    (The Washington Blade) 03/27/09
  • Gainesville, Fla., anti-discrimination laws kept (Associated Press) 03/24/09
  • Trans, marriage bills stalled in Md. legislature
    Sen. Frosh faulted as key deadline looms
    (The Washington Blade) 03/20/09
  • 2 transgender men assaulted at local bar
    Victims allegedly attacked by female patrons of Fab Lounge
    (The Washington Blade) 03/13/09
  • Trans inmate policy draws mixed reviews (The Washington Blade) 03/13/09
  • Anti-trans assault reported at D.C. gay bar
    Women allegedly attacked trans men outside Fab Lounge
    (The Washington Blade) 03/05/09
  • Prison Progress
    Activists offer measured praise for transgender plans
    (Metro Weekly) 03/05/09
  • Maryland lawmakers to consider trans bias bill
    Equality Maryland, Trans United to testify in support of measure
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • The Waiting Game
    DOC proposes transgender committee, activists remain skeptical
    (Metro Weekly) 01/29/09


  • Gay advocates upset at shelving of Chicago school (Associated Press) 11/20/08
  • Vote on anti-bullying Chicago high school delayed (Associated Press) 11/19/08
  • Sweden says transvestism is not a disease (Associated Press) 11/19/08
  • Tenn. officer accused of transgender beating (Associated Press) 11/19/08
  • In a Close Vote, D.C. Council Confirms Nickles as Attorney General (The Washington Post) 11/19/08
  • Acting Attorney General Up for D.C. Council Vote
    Judicial Panel Rejects Nickles 3 to 2
    (The Washington Post) 11/18/08
  • Peter Nickles: Counting the Votes (Washington City Paper) 11/17/08
  • GLAA testifies against D.C. attorney general (The Washington Blade) 10/31/08
  • Transgender Ga. official wins legal battle (The Associated Press) 10/06/08
  • ‘A great sense of security’
    Trans residents of Montgomery County praise new bias law
    (The Washington Blade) 09/26/08
  • A new twist for 'America's Next Top Model' (The Associated Press) 09/23/08
  • Officials soften objections to DP bill, trans prisoner rule
    Activists ‘assured’ proposal rolling back protections for inmates will die
    (The Washington Blade) 09/19/08
  • MD: Ruling Inspires New Hope For Transgender People (The Washington Post) 09/15/08
  • Court upholds Mont. Co. trans bias law
    Measure goes into effect as referendum is blocked
    (The Washington Blade) 09/12/08
  • Free State Victory
    High court rejects petition effort to block Mont. Co.'s trans-inclusive protections
    (Metro Weekly) 09/11/08
  • MD: Transgender Law Ruling Is Expected This Week (The Washington Post) 09/09/08
  • Activists fear sex worker arrests near new condos
    Trans, gay prostitutes targeted in Mt. Vernon Triangle
    (The Washington Blade) 08/29/08
  • Arrested Development
    GLBT activists debate arrests in new Mount Vernon strip
    (Metro Weekly) 08/28/08
  • Library of Congress trans bias trial begins
    ACLU is representing Diane Schroer
    (The Washington Blade) 08/22/08
  • Group Asks Fenty to Abandon Mission Deal
    Watchdog Says Swap Violates Law
    (The Washington Post) 08/13/08
  • Activists fault Fenty staff in flap over gay bills
    Appointees object to parenting bill, propose curtailing protections for trans prisoners
    (The Washington Blade) 08/08/08
  • Graham Joins Trans Activists
    Councilmember takes up the cause for Transgender rights
    (Metro Weekly) 08/07/08
  • Riled Over Rules
    GLBT activists, Schwartz, critical of proposed Human Rights Act changes
    (Metro Weekly) 07/31/08
  • Guarding Our Gains (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 07/31/08
  • Trans Formed: To Be Homeless & Transgender (The Washington Post) 07/28/08
  • Ruling Clears Way for November Vote on Transgender Measure (The Washington Post) 07/25/08
  • Trans rule change raises concerns
    Local activists say new jail proposal weakens rights act
    (The Washington Blade) 07/25/08
  • Transgender Ga. woman claims she was wrongly fired (The Associated Press) 07/22/08
  • MD: Judge ponders fate of trans rights law
    Equality Maryland prepares for November battle at ballot box
    (The Washington Blade) 07/18/08
  • Maryland Prepared for the Worst
    Activists in Maryland await judge's ruling on Montgomery Co.'s transgender anti-discrimination law
    (Metro Weekly) 07/17/08
  • OHR proposes rollback of transgender protections 07/11/08
  • Transforming Corrections
    D.C. Trans Coalition continues effort to amend DOC guidelines on transgender inmates
    (Metro Weekly) 07/10/08
  • MD: Petition Challenge Focuses on Count Of Inactive Voters (The Washington Post) 07/10/08
  • Gay group calls for legalizing prostitution in D.C.
    GLAA says ‘prohibition’ creates more problems than it solves
    (The Washington Blade) 06/27/08
  • New transgender policy at New York juvenile jails (The Associated Press) 06/20/08
  • Transgender rights laws spread, not always calmly (The Associated Press) 06/12/08
  • Judge Sides With Foes Of Transgender Measure
    Montgomery Voters Might Yet Decide Whether to Accept Law's Protections
    (The Washington Post) 06/12/08
  • MD: Transgender Law Case Heats Up in MoCo (The Washington Post) 06/02/08
  • Sex Worker Survey
    DC Survey turns up victims of violations by police
    (Metro Weekly) 05/08/08
  • Free the Sex Trade (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 05/08/08
  • 200 trans rights advocates lobby Congress
    Visitors from 29 states ask lawmakers to oppose gay-only ENDA
    (The Washington Blade) 04/18/08
  • MD: Lawyers Maneuver Against Transgender Referendum (The Washington Post) 04/17/08
  • Uncommon decency
    Transgender women prepare to file lawsuit in response to treatment in D.C. jails
    (Metro Weekly) 04/03/08
  • Gay group aims to halt referendum on trans law
    Equality Maryland questions validity of petition’s signatures
    (The Washington Blade) 03/14/08
  • Montgomery County: Transgender Law Opponents Put Measure on Ballot (The Washington Post) 03/09/08
  • Transgender movement at a crossroads (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 01/17/08


  • Montgomery County, MD: Leggett Signs Transgender Protection Bill (The Washington Post) 11/22/07
  • ENDA: a step forward (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 11/15/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Transgender Bill Passes Easily Despite Protests (The Washington Post) 11/14/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Transgender Bill May Be Close to Passing
    Legislation to Protect Against Gender Identity Bias Drops Bathroom Stipulations
    (The Washington Post) 11/11/07
  • MD: Montgomery Wisely Keeps Anti-Discrimination Law For Transgender People Out of Public Restrooms (Marc Fisher, The Washington Post) 11/11/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Protest Continues Against Transgender Bias Bill (The Washington Post) 11/08/07
  • Rep. John Lewis speaks on ENDA 11/07/07
  • Rep. Barney Frank speaks on ENDA 11/07/07
  • How They Voted: Gay Rights (The Associated Press) 11/07/07
  • House Passes Job Bias Ban (The Associated Press) 11/07/07
  • Lawmakers vote to protect gay, lesbian workers (Reuters) 11/07/07
  • Roll Call vote on ENDA (Clerk of U.S. House) 11/07/07
  • House passes historic ENDA vote
    Baldwin withdraws trans amendment
    (The Washington Blade) 11/07/07
  • Gay Rights Group Supports Job Bias Ban (The Associated Press) 11/06/07
  • Poll: 70% of LGBT Respondents Support Noninclusive ENDA ( 11/06/07
  • Solidarity On ENDA Trans Inclusion Unravels ( 11/06/07
  • ENDA Heading to Floor This Week (Gay City News) 11/5/07
  • A Civil Rights Watershed
    The House votes to outlaw job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 11/03/07
  • Basile: The long road to equality (Basile, The Washington Blade) 11/02/07
  • United ENDA’s exaggerations
    There is no evidence for claim that gays oppose incremental approach to rights.
    (Carpenter, The Washington Blade) 10/26/07
  • Red October (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 10/25/07
  • Carpenter: Bush to veto ENDA? 10/23/07
  • D.C. gay groups buck trend on ENDA
    Some state activists will urge ‘no’ vote on gay-only bill
    (The Washington Blade) 10/19/07
  • Bill to Protect Gay Workers Advances (The Associated Press) 10/18/07
  • Quandary Over Gay Rights Bill: Is It Better to Protect Some or None? (The Washington Post) 10/18/07
  • House to move ahead with gay-only ENDA
    Trans activists lack votes for inclusive bill
    (The Washington Blade Online) 10/12/07
  • Pelosi warns against ‘all or nothing’ ENDA
    House Speaker says early lobbying campaign fell short
    (The Washington Blade) 10/12/07
  • Gay Rights Backers Split on Bias Bill (The Associated Press) 10/11/07
  • Barney Frank press conference highlights 10/11/07
  • Principle and pragmatism in ENDA (Carpenter, Bay Area Reporter) 10/11/07
  • ENDAgate: The focus should be on strategy, not accusing opponents of moral failings (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 10/11/07
  • HRC trans board member resigns
    Rose decries group's position on ENDA
    (The Washington Blade Online) 10/03/07
  • Bill Stalls Over Transgender Protections (The Associated Press) 10/02/07
  • Lambda Legal's Analysis of Stripped Down Version of ENDA: Gender Identity Protections Gone and Inadequate Protections for Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals 10/01/07
  • GLAA joins over 100 LGBT organizations opposing sexual-orientation-only nondiscrimination legislation 10/01/07
  • ENDA hits a snag over trans inclusion
    House Democrats poised to drop gender identity provision in bill
    (The Washington Blade) 09/28/07
  • A Civil Rights Law
    Employment discrimination against gays and lesbians should be outlawed.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 09/28/07
  • Federal Bill Would Ban Bias on Sexual Orientation (The Washington Post) 09/19/07
  • Gay Activists Hopeful on Job Bias Ban (The Associated Press) 09/17/07
  • Judge Hits D.C. Fire & Emergency Medical Services Agency
    District urged to settle with diversity trainer
    (Metro Weekly) 05/24/07
  • The Right to Work
    Congress must protect gay men and lesbians from workplace discrimination.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 04/28/07
  • Defeated Bill
    Transgender discrimination bill defeated in Maryland
    (Metro Weekly) 03/29/07


  • Colo. Worker Wins Transgender Bias Case (The Associated Press) 09/15/06
  • Trans Regs Advance
    District Commission on Human Rights moves to strengthen regulations against gender discrimination
    (Metro Weekly) 05/18/06


  • Human Rights Revisited
    DC City Council supports move to protect transgenders
    (Metro Weekly) 07/14/05
  • The Right Person for the Job
    Library of Congress Accused of Withdrawing Job Offer After Applicant Reveals Gender Change
    (The Washington Post) 06/02/05
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