Kameny and Rosendall on marriage at DCwatch.com
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Kameny and Rosendall on marriage at DCwatch.com

From:Rick Rosendall
Sent:Thursday, May 28, 2009 7:43 AM
To:GLAA Members
Subject:Kameny and Rosendall on marriage at DCwatch.com


Frank Kameny and I are among those with letters in the latest batch of mail at DCwatch.com discussing the marriage issue:

We were responding to this rant from the May 24 batch:

Another letter in the May 27 batch, from Richard Urban, repeats the mistake of Marion Barry and Bishop Jackson in thinking that the marriage recognition provision was in Bill 18-0066 when in fact (as Phil Mendelson had to explain to Barry on the dais at the May 5 Council meeting) it was in Bill 18-0010. I know we shouldn’t get cocky, but when your opponents are too busy ranting to pay attention to what is going on, that is not the worst possible news. Bishop Jackson and his cohorts wasted more than two weeks to act after Bill 18-0010 began its congressional review period, and there are several steps required by the referendum process that must occur before the bill completes its congressional review and becomes law on about July 6. The clock in this case favors us.

On a related topic, my column in today’s Metro Weekly, “Captive Audience,” discusses the harm to GLBT youth caused by adults’ homophobia, particularly the intolerant preachings of members of the Missionary Baptist Ministers' Conference who have led the fight against marriage equality in D.C. The column (which represents my personal views and not necessarily those of GLAA) is online at:

Rick Rosendall
Vice President for Political Affairs
Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance