GLAA applauds DC Council for introducing anti-FMA resolution
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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Bob Summersgill

GLAA applauds DC Council for unanimously
introducing anti-FMA resolution

The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance (GLAA) applauds the Council of the District of Columbia for unanimously introducing the "Sense of the Council on Opposing a Federal Marriage Amendment Resolution of 2004."

This strong statement by all 13 members of the Council adds weight to a growing chorus of public officials across the country of all parties who oppose writing discrimination into Americaís most important document.

The Federal Marriage Amendment, in addition to attempting to convert marriage into a discriminatory institution, would also prohibit states and the District from offering legal rights and responsibilities of marriage to gay couples. The Districtís domestic partnership law would become unconstitutional.

GLAA appreciates the work of Councilmembers David Catania, Jack Evans and Jim Graham who worked with GLAA and others to craft appropriate language for the resolution.

GLAA is also pleased to recognize George Washington University graduate students Lauren Daniels, Dave DeCicco, Emmanuella DuPlessy, Pedro E. Flores, Amy Freireich, and Blaine Rummel. These students first proposed an anti-FMA resolution as part of a project in their class "Government-Citizen Relations and the Future of Public Administration." It is their final course in the Master's program in Public Administration (MPA) at GWU. All will graduate this May.

GLAA looks forward to the Council's passage of the resolution at the next Council session on March 16.

The Human Rights Campaign will hold a rally in DC on Wednesday at 6:00 pm to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. GLAA Political Vice President Rick Rosendall has been invited to speak. Please join GLAA at the rally at 17th Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW, in front of the HRC building.